iPhone Jio 4G Offer, Reliance 4G 1 Year Free Internet

By | October 9, 2016

iPhone Jio 4G Offer, Reliance 4G 1 Year Free Internet

iPhone Jio 4G Offer, Reliance 4G 1 Year Free Internet

Apple Users Can Now Get The Reliance Jio 4G Sim With Preview Offer

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Reliance Jio today announced a partnership with Apple to offer iPhone customers in India a number of offers, including a year of complimentary Jio service worth Rs. 18,000 for retail customers and a 25 percent discount for enterprise customers.

Those who buy a new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus as well as the existing iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone SE from a Reliance retail store or Apple authorized store will be eligible for the offer iPhone Jio 4G Offer. All Jio users currently benefit from free service under the Reliance Jio Welcome Offer, so the one year of free service kicks in as soon as that offer expires, on December 31 2016. That means those who buy now will get almost 15 months of free service.

In particular, users will get the benefits of Jio’s Rs. 1499 monthly plan: unlimited local, STD and national roaming voice calls, 20GB of 4G data, unlimited 4G data usage at night, 40GB of Wi-Fi data at Jio hotspots, unlimited SMS, and subscription to Jio’s apps. Reliance pegs the value of all this at Rs. 18,000.

Enterprise customers will be eligible for a 25 percent discount and a special tariff plan, but further details of this offer are not available yet iPhone Jio 4G Offer. The discount will be upfront rather than implemented as a cashback offer, sources told Gadgets 360. Details will be made available on Jio’s website in a few days’ time.

Sources also indicated that iPhones will not be locked to the Jio network in any way, and that customers are free to use other service providers if they do not want to take advantage of the free service. However, iPhone Jio 4G Offer stocks of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are running low, and those who haven’t pre-booked might not find their preferred colour and capacity available iPhone Jio 4G Offer.

iPhone Jio 4G Offer, Reliance 4G 1 Year Free Internet

While coming to the Reliance Jio’s offering, well, it has an impressive scheme for people who are looking to purchase the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus iPhone Jio 4G Offer. The youngest telecom giant is giving 12 months of their Jio Digital services free of cost under the Jio iPhone Offer. Where users can enjoy free of cost 20GB monthly 4G data, unlimited voice calls and SMS. There are benefits for ISD calling as well with rate cutter pack applied automatically iPhone Jio 4G Offer.

On top of that, you also get a subscription to Jio premium apps for free. All this for a period of one year. Interestingly, the Jio iPhone Offer starts from January 1st, 2017, iPhone Jio 4G Offer while up until 31st December 2016 iPhone 7 users who purchased devices from Reliance Digital stores as well as from selected Apple resellers or Apple authorised stores could be able to enjoy unlimited data under C. The booking of the device can be done from the company’s official website, and a doorstep delivery and activation of the Jio SIM card would be done as promised by the company.

Coming to the conclusion part. The iPhone 7 is available with contract basis, despite at first, you might think that you just have to pay Rs 19,990. But the fact that there is a balloon payment of Rs 24,000 needs to be done in case you decide to keep the handset iPhone Jio 4G Offer. On top of that, you would have to choose to buy any of the one Infinity postpaid plan on Airtel iPhone Jio 4G Offer. While on the other hand, with Reliance Jio you don’t have to do all the payment at once. After that you needn’t worry about at least 15 months (Jio Welcome Offer + Jio iPhone Offer) for any kind of need regarding voice calls, data and applications such as live streaming TV, movies, etc.

Additionally, it is confirmed that Reliance Jio is offering 25% discount on new iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus. So, iPhone Jio 4G Offer you would be paying Rs 45,000 instead of the retail pricing of Rs 60,000. While calculating the final cost of going with Airtel’s iPhone 7 would cost you Rs 79,978 iPhone Jio 4G Offer. So, now you decide if you want to go with the costlier option of Airtel or get discounted iPhone 7 from Reliance Jio and get complimentary 15 months Jio Digital services for free. Choose wisely!

Reliance Jio 4G LYF  Phones Offer :- Get 1 Year Free Unlimited Internet Data & Calling on LYF Smart Phone Users iPhone Jio 4G Offer. Reliance Jio 4G has come up with an awesome Free unlimited data & calling offer associate with LYF Smartphone users iPhone Jio 4G Offer. They are offering – Get 1 year free unlimited internet data & calling on LYF smart phone users.

This is amazing offer is valid fr all LYF smartphone users. Earlier you all must be availing Reliance JIO preview offer with your eligible devices. But now reliance crashed the whole market with its a new offer. Reliance must have gained lots of customer within this 2 months iPhone Jio 4G Offer. Now they are rolling out for a new offer iPhone Jio 4G Offer. With this you will be able to get free internet and calling as well as other facilities in your LYF device for one year. Now they are rolling out for a new offer. Reliance Jio 4G is offering – Get 1 year free unlimited internet data & calling on LYF smart phone users iPhone Jio 4G Offer. So hurry up!! How to Get this offer? Just follow the steps below :-

iPhone Jio 4G Offer, Reliance 4G 1 Year Free Internet

JPO (Jio Preview Offer) 1 year Free Internet by Reliance Jio for Lyf Mobile Customers : In contrast with JPO, the clients won’t get free voice calls and SMS iPhone Jio 4G Offer. Whatsapp, which is seen as a SMS trade is likewise being utilized for normal voice calls as its has an immense client base in India. Since giving unlimited 4G data allowed to a year is a  huge plan the organization may put a top of 75GB every month. Not at all like some other Indian administration supplier, Jio is putting forth container India scope of its 4G system.

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How to Get 1 Year Free Unlimited Internet & Calling on LYF Phones @ Reliance Jio 4G SIM

  1. Firstly of all, How to Buy LYF Smart Phone Online Using Flipkart Click Here.
  2. Now You will get a Jio SIM with it.
  3. Go to your nearest Reliance Digital Store & Submit Your KYC and Photograph.
  4. After confirmation message on the alternative number you need to go for the Tele verification.
  5. They will ask something you need to answer it. The question will be related to your document which you submitted as Documents & Verify it.
  6. Now Login to your My Jio app and all done.

That’s it!! You will receive free access to 4g internet as well as unlimited calling and other premium features of JIO apps for one year.

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