Results Are NOT Enough

But first… lets get the results!

Sales professionals and top consultants always preach the same thing…


This is a good start, but that is only the first step… and with it you might get the FIRST sale; but how do you get the fourth?

Before we can get beyond the results; we first have to know how to get TO the results. Too many times people talk about what they do or how they do it; but that is not what the customer wants to know initially. He really wants to know “What are the results?” If you want to have compelling communications, this is where you have to start.

Create a result chart:

Draw three columns

Title column one; EXPERTISE and enter one area of expertise in this column.

Title column two PROCESS and enter the ways that you deliver your expertise or your way of working.

Finally, title column three RESULTS and enter the results of your work.

To use an entertainment example to really help you think more broadly, let’s use a singer. Don’t worry, we will also use a business example.

In the expertise column a singer would enter her expertise as SINGER. OK. No surprise there. Maybe the singer gives live performances at a concert; goes into studios as a background vocalist, performs at local venues. This is the singers method and process of delivery. This is her work. Finally, a singer may have a good following of fans. So her results could be “higher revenue for your location through increased fan attendance and purchases” or “higher exposure to new customers” and “repeat business that leads to lower customer acquisition costs”. The results could have great financial benefits to a club owner; this is one reason that they would be interested in hiring that singer.

Notice that I wrote that this is one reason that they would be interested in hiring the singer. Just because you have discussed the results that the client wants delivered does not mean they will hire you. It just means that they recognize your value. Congratulations. But what if they don’t like you? What if they don’t trust you?

Business Example of the Results Chart

Before proceeding; as promised, here is a business case example filled in. Let’s take a look at the results for a typical project management consultant:

The Expertise is obvious; they are a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

The Process is equally as obvious. They will follow the Project Management Institute’s methods for moving a project forward. This is something that all Certified Project Managers would do.

So the only thing left to sell, according to top sales professionals, is the results.

Guess what? Every project management company leveraging PMPs is going to have the same set of results.

So the question is: “Why should an economic buyer choose you over the other 9 guys that just walked in the door wearing the same suit with the same presentation in hand and the same exact results?”

Because you will take a step beyond the results to get the deal. See my upcoming article to learn more.

Dawnna St Louis is a Top Woman Motivational Speaker. Dawnna works with organizations around the globe to stay ahead of trends and corner the market. Innovative organizations revolutionize the way the world thinks, acts, and evolves.

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