Tips to Get Away From Results Stress

Who amongst us has not suffered from an occasional bout of stress? It is but human nature to experience little spells of stress every time one is on the threshold of something that is big or important to us. While some of us may crumble under the pressure and let the stress get the better of us, others rise to the occasion and make themselves count! When it comes to dealing with stress positively, it is all about one’s attitude. In student life, one of the biggest reasons for emotional stress is the fear of the looming exam results! Here is a look at some of the best tips to beat away the blues creeping from result-related stress!

One of the first tips to get away from exam-related stress is to develop a positive mindset. It is important to visualize the exam exactly as it is- it is simply a test of one’s knowledge on a particular subject. In no way is it a judgement on the person who wrote the exam. It is just one of the tools to conclude the preparation for the whole year. Neither does a great result guarantee meteoric success for the individual, nor does a dreadful result spell the end of one’s vocational ambitions whatsoever! It is also important to remember that it was not one’s last exam. There will be other exams on other days, and each more important than the last one! Brooding over the last exam and its impending result is simply a case of crying over the proverbial spilt milk! What is more then an unbound energy in positive thinking! Who knows what positivity in results may these powerful thoughts conjure?

A valuable tip to drive the stress-demons away is to keep oneself occupied. During the course of the long months preparing for a big exam, most students usually give up on their hobbies and social commitments. Well, now that the exams are out of the way, there is plenty of time to indulge in the fun activities that one had been yearning for a long time! A short trip or a getaway can do wonders for the stressed mind! A change in scene and shift from the everyday talk will certainly help put a student at ease. Not only will keeping busy and occupied keep the mind a safe distance away from any exam-related stress, but indulging oneself in activities that challenge and engage our senses will boost the general confidence and feel-good factor!

If one is still stressed about the results, it will be a wise idea to start looking ahead of the exam results. An open conversation with one’s friends, family or even a counsellor may open up a student’s mind to the plethora of options that are available despite an unpleasant exam result. A frank discussion with one’s seniors alone will inform the student about how they dealt with their own fears and trepidations! Only when one is aware of the multitude of options that one may pursue irrespective of the exam result, can a student be reassured about his or her future! History is of full of achievers who did not excel in their schooling! Can the looming results of a single exam still torment the mind of a person who is aware of the many brilliant possibilities in the future?

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