Your Results Are Your Mirror

What do you see when you look in a mirror? The only thing anyone sees in a mirror is a reflection. Nothing more. Nothing less.

A mirror doesn’t change what is in front of it. It doesn’t make something look better or worse than it actually is. Whether something is good or bad or right or wrong, the mirror reflects it all the same. A mirror takes what it’s given and shows the same thing back.

Now think about this: Your results are your mirror.

What do I mean by results? Your results are the outcomes you’ve been experiencing in your life, whether personally, at work, or in relationships. Your results are what you get in exchange for your efforts.

What kind of results have you been experiencing lately? If you’re not sure, begin by asking yourself what kind of efforts you’ve been focusing on recently.

Perhaps you started a new job, or you’re trying to lose weight, or you’re trying to reconnect with your mother, or you’ve tackled learning a new language.

Once you’ve identified your efforts, take a look at the results you’ve experienced. They are your mirror!

If you aren’t happy with your results, do not blame others for why you haven’t succeeded. Don’t get down in the dumps about how you’ll never achieve your goals. Don’t let your results dictate whether or not the goal is worth it.

Remember, your results are a reflection of the effort you’ve invested. Your results aren’t about who you are as much as they’re about your actions – what you’ve been doing and focusing on.

In fact, your results have nothing to do with your ability to succeed. They simply show you whether or not your past choices worked. If you get bad results, don’t make the same choices over again. Learn from your experience, and move forward.

Let your results be your call to action, your call to improve!

For example, if you gained five pounds this month, wake up! If your checking account is in the red, wake up! If your daughter disrespects you, wake up! If you failed the exam, wake up!

You don’t have to get the same results next time. Look in the mirror. It’s telling you what is. Now, it’s your job to examine the reflection and decide what you want to change as you move forward.

Don’t let your results get you stuck. Use them as a tool for building a better, brighter future.

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